A Mini Vent and New Article Links

I’ve missed this blog. Very much. Very very much.

When I started it I found myself in a less than fun space, and now that I am writing on it for the first time in months I can say I am back again in a not so fun space. I suppose this is my refuge.

There are so many joys, so many stories, so many nightmares-come-true that I would love to color this site in, to share with those who follow, to share with those who send me emails asking me “hey! what happened?”, but I cannot…and I don’t know if I ever will be able to.

I’m at a moment in my life where I am watching things come together and fall apart at the same time. It’s amazing and scary, it strengthens and shakes up my faith and humbles me in ways I did not know was possible. The impatient side of me wants a crystal ball to see what will happen next, but the part of me that wants to change and learn the virtue that is heralded so much is doing her best to sit still.

So…I don’t know when I will write something for this site, and this site alone. I don’t know when I will once again open my life up to share all that I have learned, loved and lost, but below you’ll find links to pieces I’ve written recently and hopefully, in between my words you’ll find where my heart currently lies.

Thank you,


Racism, Mike Brown and the Haitian Community

A Reflection of Love and Feminism: On Janay Rice and Camille Cosby


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