Bisexuality and the Magic of Oppression

This past Wednesday, September 24th was Bisexual Visibility Day, a time to celebrate those in the LGBTQ community who have an attraction to more than one gender. Of course, social media was filled with stories, shows of support and discussions regarding and involving those who are bisexual. One such discussion focused on whether or not women who identify as bisexual are more accepted and tolerated than bisexual men. It appeared that the majority voted “yes.” As the discussion pushed further in the affirmative direction, I disagreed and had my opinion dismissed as inaccurate.

That’s understandable. On the surface it does appear that bisexual women are afforded more privileges than bisexual men. With a culture that was quick to support a pop song entitled “I Kissed A Girl”, how could it not? Yet, what many found to be privileges, I deemed to be a sexist and homophobic society playing favorites. One of the main arguments made in support of the idea that bisexual women have it easier is the fact that a woman’s sexuality is allowed to appear as fluid, meaning a woman can have a same sex affair/relationship and later identify as heterosexual and have few people challenge that. Angelina Jolie’s relationship record served as an example. (click here to continue)

Again, everything about that appeared to make sense. Even as a write this whole piece to counter it, there is a part of me that agrees with it…yet, I cannot…fully. If there is anything I know to be true, it is this: In oppression what can be perceived as a privilege can actually be the oppression manifesting itself. In our world, the lives of people who are not well-to-do heterosexual, whites is a game of how well you can assimilate given your disenfranchisement and limitations. For Black and Latinos, for example, we’re judged on how well we can assimilate to the mainstream despite the “setbacks” we genetically inherit (i.e. our phenotype).


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