No One Wants A Bone: The Other Side of Body Shaming

“Eat more!” “Why are you so thin??” “Real men want meat not bones!” Image

I’ve grown up hearing all those comments and then some as a naturally petite girl. In a family full of curvy women I always felt completely out of place because of my frame. Regardless of the fact that mainstream lauded women with my figure while ignoring and demonizing women who were shapely, I felt the pressure of my immediate circle more than the rest of the world.

When body-shaming is addressed rarely does it involve those who are considered skinny/thin. Although we are the societal norm, those of us who fall in certain racial/ethnic groups feel the need to appear more “womanly” aka “curvy” to be seen as sexy and desirable.

I brought this topic up a few weeks ago on twitter and for over an hour, women who had been shamed for being thin spoke up on their own experiences. My initial tweet that sparked the discussion mentioned seeing young women fall into a depression due to people spreading false rumours of eating disorders about them because of their frame. Soon my twitter mention feed was full of women sharing similar stories, with one young woman bravely sharing that for years she ate everything in sight in desperate hope of “filling out in the right places.”

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