Blood, Sweat and Heels: Its the Daisy and Mica Show

BSHSo, I just watched the first episode of “Blood, Sweat and Heels” and it was…something. Although I initially tuned in to watch Melyssa Ford and Demetria Lucas of A Belle in Brooklyn, it was two other cast members who grabbed my attention for all the wrong reasons: Daisy and Mica.

Let’s start off with Daisy. To put it plainly, Daisy comes off as the kind of woman I steer clear from. She is young enough to be Gayle King’s daughter but looks like her doppleganger, every other statement is peppered with some thing related to Jesus (whom she says is her man…) and she swears she is the second coming of Oprah with the way she conducts “audience interviews” at her brunch series (homegirl really was walking around with a microphone in hand :-\). Oh, and Miss Daisy believes that due to menstrual cycles making us “emotional” every month, women cannot be strong leaders. Obviously this woman is a caricature of the single, Black woman who sits in a pew every Sunday praying for her own version of Denzel to pop up with a promise ring, Juanita Bynum’s No More Sheets DVD and a job title she can boast about to her friends

After Demetria takes Daisy to task for her handicapped views in a blog post, Daisy goes on a tirade tearing Demetria (and bloggers in general) down for not wearing makeup, being overweight, etc. For someone who tries to come off as a Christian, Daisy has a very long way to go in learning how to act Christ-like.

Now onto Mica. One episode in and I want to call the Betty Ford clinic. Is it just me or does this girl drink…a lot? I started believing she was probably one of those women who, years into the game, still doesn’t know her alcohol limit until she let some of the women into past(?) issues she’s had with her man. Mica confessed that she once found a number belonging to  a woman who was carrying on a relationship with her boyfriend — for 2 decades. So yes, her man was seeing her while being in a, albeit one-sided, committed relationship.

Yeah…*deep breath* Besides the fact that Mica confessed this to women she appears to have just met, this is also airing on BRAVO! meaning we ALL now know Mica’s business. Meaning, every time I see Mica grace any screen, this GIF will loop in my head.

Overall, this episode read like a debate in Black Twitter with Demetria appearing to be the only one with a functioning brain. But as we know with these shows, and Andy Cohen’s twists, anything is bound to happen.


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