Will I See You Tonight…

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI had quite the day yesterday. What I thought would be a typical Monday – filled with staff meetings and symptoms of weekend withdrawal turned into an unexpected day filled with laughs, ale, onion rings and a trip to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Safe to say that by the time I was headed home I was more tired than Ciara’s matrix back-bend.

I was glad that my train was pulling into the station the moment I made it onto the platform. Although it was not rush hour, I did not anticipate a seat – but as the Universe would have it I got a seat and a little more than I could have hoped for.

Before I get into  the meatiness of this piece let me say that I have been single for a while. Now, I won’t divulge how much time “a while” is…but, its been a while since I have been in a committed relationship. This, however, has not stopped me from getting my heart-broken – the last guy I was seriously interested in ran off and married a barmaid 2 months after we stopped seeing each other, so yeah…my love life is…something (this story will be told in another post).

I hopped in the first car to the sound of barking. I thought it was probably some blind man’s seeing eye dog that had gone apeshit, but it was actually some non-visually impaired passenger’s pet that was…well, apeshit. To make sure I wouldn’t be the first person the dog would maul if he maneuvered himself out of the carrier (why am I using a male pronoun? I don’t know. Just keep reading), I moved myself further along into the train car.

As the train pulled away from the station I decided to make the most of my trip and finish reading my book, “Ghana Must Go” ( a must-read. Like, no. Go get that book now!). As I tried to steady the book in my left hand, I felt a heavy yet gentle tap on my right arm. I peered down to find the source of this unwanted touch, and my eyes met the most gorgeous face I have seen in a while ( a while meaning…a while). The man looked into my face and asked me if I would like his seat. Fuck yeah I’d like to sit…just not on the seat though *whistles and looks away*

Now of course I did not say that. I, instead, politely accepted his offer and immediately settled onto the bench and into my book. As I sat there reading I couldn’t help but feel this stranger’s eyes upon me. Every once in a while I’d glance up, stare and smile. It was awkward but cute. So, I think I should stop here and say this man was fahn (yes, fahn not fine). I’m talking tall, caramel complexion, tailored suit, perfect teeth-fahn. The kinda fahn that’d have you running across a table à la Evelyn Lozada to fight a woman over him.

And as my luck would have it, where does a seat become available? Oh, right next to me of course. I soon found myself engaged in conversation with this stranger ( I learned his name, but I ain’t putting it on here, nah suh!). We talked about books, and found that we shared a love of novels written by Blacks outside of the U.S. We also discussed our respective careers, and although I had known this man for only 2.5 seconds, I was smitten. It felt as if time stood still and the only people that mattered were him and I. I no longer heard the beast barking, or the automatic voice announcing what the next stops were. It all felt sooo surreal….


I noticed the goddamn gold band on his finger!

Yes, the stranger was married. M.A.R.R.I.E.D! (I do believe it is my lot this year to pine after men who will be or are married). I decided to inquire about his wife and asked “so what does your wife do for a living?” motioning with my eyes towards his ring. He tensed up and tripped over his words. He knew, as well as I, that the little magic, the spark – if you will – was dead. He got off soon after – not before handing me his card (that was promptly discarded in the trash).

I could never truly get back into my book after that. I think I stared into space for the remainder of the trip home. I mean in my head he’s already proposed, wowed my mom and has promised me a honeymoon in Bora Bora. But I think we all know this train won’t stop here anymore.

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